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Adventures In Art has been providing fine art classes and summer camps in North Seattle and its surrounding neighborhoods since 2006. Our emphasis has been on helping students of all ages discover and nurture their inner artist while cultivating a joy-filled creative life, where they learn to express their stories, dreams and thoughts in an artistically confident manner.  

Jessica Carlson has been teaching art in the Greater Seattle area since 2004, and has owned and taught with Adventures In Art since 2006.

Throughout her childhood Jessica was constantly drawing, painting and writing and one very special day in the eighth grade an actual artist visited her school to share his work and talk about being a professional artist. She was completely inspired by his amazing artwork and thought his portfolio was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen.

From that point on Jessica dreamed of having her very own portfolio, never imagining that one day she would have an abundance of them and that she too would be sharing her work with students in the hopes of inspiring them to an art-filled life. 

Though another creative industry called to her in the early stages of her career, Jessica's love of drawing and the arts had never subsided, so when an opportunity arose to teach art to young children she immediately said yes, and has been enjoying her new career ever since.

Being able to combine her love of art, children, animals and whimsy in a way that brings joy and creative freedom to so many has been incredibly rewarding...and truly, a dream come true.


"Doing art with Miss Jessica helps me feel like I can keep improving. I'm not very good but she is so encouraging. She taught me to draw the closest thing to me first, this has helped to have a better perspective on what I am drawing."

(Note from Miss Jessica ~

She thinks Johan is a wonderful artist!)

Johan ~ 10


"Dear Miss Jessica, thank you for teaching me art! I am so glad I signed up, it was so fun and I learned a lot from you in camp. I used to think that I had the worst drawing, but now I feel confident of myself (clap, clap, clap)! You probably didn't realize this, but you taught me so so so much in these four days. Thank you again!"

(Note from Miss Jessica ~

Amita created such beautiful art in our Jungle Fun Camp!)

Amita ~ 8

"Miss Jessica helps me to keep working through my mistakes, she is really encouraging.

Your art is never perfect, just different, stick with it and make it into a happy mistake."

(Note from Miss Jessica~

We learn that there are no mistakes in art, just 'happy accidents'!)

Erik ~ 9


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