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Welcome to Adventures In Art!

As Picasso once said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up!" At Adventures In Art, we offer a variety of fine art classes to help nurture the artist in both the child and the adult. 

Dedication to the creative spirit in all, and belief in the joy, confidence, and life skills that creating art can provide are at the heart of our classes.

Classes, Camps & Workshops
Adventures in Art offers a variety of fine art classes for youth and adults throughout the year, along with summer camps and special seasonal workshops.

Young Artists (ages 6-14)

These fun and engaging classes take students on an adventure into the imagination where they create original works of art featuring an array of whimsical and familiar subject matters. 

With each guided project, students discover their unique artistic style and develop fearless confidence in their creative abilities, all while learning fundamental drawing techniques and elemental art skills.

A variety of artist quality media are used to create their masterpieces. 

Adult ARtists

After years of helping young artists discover and nurture their creativity through drawing, we are now offering the same fun and imaginative classes to grown-ups! Unleash your inner artist while creating a unique masterpiece in a relaxing atmosphere of guidance, artistic freedom, and pure enjoyment. 

Artist quality media used. No prior experience needed.

Tea & cookies accompany us in our creative endeavors.

Summer Camps

Whether it be sailing the world's oceans with pirates and mermaids, visiting the rain forests of the Congo, or exploring the wonders of different galaxies...our exciting camps take young artists on a variety of creative adventures, where they chronicle their journeys through amazing art! 

An expanded variety of media are used in the camps such as paint, clay, and sometimes even shaving cream!

Special Workshops ~ Adventures in Anime &

Custom HOliday Cards (Edmonds)

These fun two hour Saturday morning workshops provide a special art experience where students create either an Anime inpired drawing, or a seasonal holiday themed drawing that will be made into a set of 10 custom holiday cards.

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